Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Teal - A Great New Children's Book For You To Discover


I am so excited to be able to tell you about a new children's picture book author and illustrator that you need to add to your collection!  Her name is Renee Galvin and you are going to love her new picture book!

I first met Renee on social media and was completely smitten by her honest and playful approach to her artwork and life, and the fun way she engaged with people on social media.  But most of all, I just loved her artwork!  So when she asked me to review her new picture book, Teal, I was smitten all over again:)

Teal is a wonderful story about a little teal crayon who is trying to fit in.  Teal loves to create beautiful artwork and use his color to bring beauty to everything he touches.

But at the end of each day, Teal is confused because he doesn't know where he belongs.  Does he belong in the blue box with the blue crayons, or in the green box with the green crayons?  Where does he belong in this world of colors?

This timely story of diversity and belonging will warm your heart.  Renee keeps the reader engaged with her playful and endearing artwork as she weaves a beautiful message of acceptance throughout the story.  And little Teal surprises us all in the end with his simple, yet profound solution that results in a delightful surprise for the reader.

Teal is a wonderful example of facing obstacles and handling adversity, presented in a playful way.  The endearing message of this story will not be lost on children.  The creative use of the colors of crayons, and trying to fit in, is the perfect way to serve this topic to children in a way that relates to their world and experiences. 

I had the pleasure of receiving an early copy of Teal and I can tell you, I highly recommend you add this wonderful book to your collection.  Teal will be available on Amazon at the end of October, but Renee is taking pre-orders now, and I think you will want to be one of the first to get Teal.  

You can contact Renee to order a book from her on her Facebook fan page here .  

Also check out the special offer she has for early orders!  Teal Promotion  

Hint:  it has to do with jewelry and crayons, and I want one!  You will want to click through to this video because you can meet Renee yourself and she how delightful she is! 


Once you have your copy, please let me know how much you love it by leaving me a comment on this post!  I can't wait to see how successful this book will be:)


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