Sunday, July 28, 2013

East Aurora Art Show

I'm late with this post as well....but at least here it is!

At the end of June I participated in the 60th Annual East Aurora Art Society Art Show.  I participate in this show every year and I always choose to do the snow fence instead of having a tent.  I love the snow fence and the other artists who show there.  We are laid back and fun loving and don't feel the pressure that the people in the tents do to have a perfect display.  Nothing, and I mean nothing hangs straight on a snow fence!  This year there was rain forecasted which always puts a damper on everything and makes it hard to keep your art dry.  Over the years we have all come up with different systems to shelter the art from rain....large umbrellas, plastic drop clothes that can be pulled up over the art, finding a spot under the trees and hoping for the best....

It did rain on Saturday morning, so I had to get creative with my art covering.  I'm glad I pain in oil so a few drops of water doesn't mean a complete destruction of my artwork.  Here you can see my pice of the fence and my drop cloth.  Plus I was also a little creative with the tree that was on my space and used it as a shelter for myself as well!  I even made the local paper because the photographer thought it was a great idea!

I also had a nice surprise when I entered a piece into the judging.  There is a first, second, and merit award for the many different media that are present in the show, and then there is a best in show award. I entered my Summer Dreams painting in the oil category and it took first place!  I was thrilled and honored to be given the recognition by the jury.  The second day was full sun and we had lots of people come out.  My family came out to visit so I got to take a picture of the model (my daughter) with her award winning painting.  I met with old friends and sold several paintings and had a great time on the snow fence.  Definitely doing it next year!


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Handmade Picture Books

Well, as promised in my previous post, here are the hand made picture books I made for my opening at Villa Maria College.  They are board book style, so small and chunky for little hands to love!  I printed the original art out on giclee quality rag paper and then adhered them to the boards and assembled them into a book.  For my first try it wasn't bad, but I want to try and improve my process.  So here are some images of the books themselves and also a few pictures of the art.  I won't show it all here because then you'll have incentive to come and visit my studio and see them in person!  Enjoy!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Art Show at Villa Maria College

I'm sorry for being so tardy in making this post....I have been incredibly busy with my kids this summer:-)

This past June 20th I had the priviledge of sharing a show with Catherine Schuman-Miller at Villa Maria's Paul William Beltz Gallery.  It is a great gallery space and Brian Duffy, the Director of the Gallery did a fantastic job of organizing and hosting the opening.  We had a very nice turnout and I had a lot of positive comments on my picture book artwork which I displayed for the first time.  I also created some handmade picture books with some of my picture book art that turned out really nice.  I have some pictures from the gallery and I'll have to follow up with pictures of my handmade books.  Enjoy for now!