Sunday, March 17, 2013

More illustrations!

Value Study

Color Study

Finished Painting (but it's not really finished, just where I stopped before I turned it in)

So a new semester at AAU has started and I have almost finished my first project.  I turned it in, but have the option of continuing to work on it so I plan to make some more improvements, but thought I would post for you all so you can see what I have been doing since my last post.  Our assignment was to illustrate a scene from a novel from a list that was provided...I chose Harry Potter.  The scene that stuck out in my head was when Harry "blew up" Aunt Marge and she floated away.... too funny!

So this was my interpretation of the scene.  I used a walrus for the reference for Uncle Vern and a toy dog that I had for the reference for the dog.  We had to create a final value sketch, a color study (I did 5 studies but only posted my favorite), and then a finished painting.  I created this painting with a watercolor underpainting, then an oil wash, prisma color pencil in the background and then more oil on the main subjects to make them come forward and create a focal point.

I still need to do a lot of work on Aunt Marge and her skirt, and I want to still bring in some pen and ink.  But I think it has potential and I like the action and composition.