Friday, October 21, 2016

Rainy Days and Pumpkin Soup!

Today is a cold, rainy, fall day.  The perfect kind of day for spending in the studio!  And the perfect kind of day for Pumpkin Soup!

I discovered this delightful book by Helen Cooper in the grocery store of all places, just last week!  It was actually published the year my oldest son was born - 1998 - so I don't know what took me so long to discover it.  But I am so glad that I have!  The illustrations are delightful and the story endearing.  And since it is such a dreary day here, I just had to post a few images to warm my thoughts, and hopefully yours as well.

And in case you were in the mood for the whole story, you can watch it unfold in this adorable video.  

Lastly, all this talk of pumpkin soup made me want to make some!  So here is a great recipe that I found!  


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