Friday, January 22, 2016

Clover and the Shooting Star - Completed

Clover and the Shooting Star is done.  This hand painted, hand assembled book is in honor of my niece Nichole Diane Miller-Harris.  I am sending the original to her parents this week so they can read it to their grandchildren as a way to remember Aunt Nicole.  I know this book is only a minuscule membrane of Nicole but I'm hoping it will bring some measure of comfort.  

My sister-in-law was with her granddaughter shopping for souvenirs.  When Cara couldn't decide which one to get my sister-in law asked her,  "if you could have anything you want, what would you get?" She held my hand, looked up at me and said, "I would get Aunt Nicole back."

You can see I put a dedication to Nicole on the back cover.

I won't show you the last page so when you have your own copy you can have the "big reveal" experience yourself:)  I will let you know that I shared a draft of the book with Nicole's family at her memorial.  They loved it.   And I loved that they all sat in bed together and read it as a family.

I made digital copies of the pages and I am in the process of getting reproductions of the book for other family members and friends who would like one.  This is a board book, so that is how I would like to have it reproduced, as a board book.  Luckily there is a local printer who can do board books!  As soon as I get all the files transferred over to the printer and a test copy made, I'll be able to make additional copies for all who would like to request one!  

I'll keep you posted! 


  1. So unbelievably touching. I am so glad that Nicole will stay with my children through this book.