Monday, October 13, 2014

The Fox When Out On a Chilly Night

"The fox went out on a chilly night, 
Praying for the moon to give him light,
For he'd many a mile to go that night,
Before he reached the Town-o"

This is an old folk song that my dad used to sing to my sister and I when we were little.  It always brings back great memories of my childhood as my sister and I would sing it over and over again trying to get the words right.

I decided to make it the subject of my thesis project at AAU and it's the project that I am working on now in my Children's Book Illustration class.  So this weekend I did some research.  I had once a few years ago come across a picture book that looked very much like "The Fox" story and I clicked away not wanting to be influenced by it.  In my internet search this weekend I found the book and the illustrator who first illustrated it back in the 1950's.  I decided that it was ok to look at it.  I had enough ideas of my own at this point that I didn't have to worry about being influenced too much.

To my great surprise I not only found the book and viewed it on-line, I found an interview with Peter Spier the illustrator.  He is great!  I so want to meet him now after watching the video.  I thought you might like to see it to, so here it is!  Enjoy!


  1. My dad used to sing "The Fox" to my sister and I as well when we were young! One of his favorite folk bands called Nickel Creek covered it and released it on an album, which is where he learned it from. It was actually the very first song I ever performed; I sang it in a school talent show when I was 8. :) It's a great tune and an awesome topic for a thesis project!

  2. Hi Jessica! What a coincidence! I didn't think anyone knew that song! It certainly brings back memories:) I'll show you the art as I get it completed...I could use some feedback from a fan of the song:)