Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Harry Potter, Spiderwick, and Little Red Riding Hood Teenagers

This week we were working on drawing characters who are teenagers.  Understanding their proportions and the fact that they are not yet adults, so they don't have all the angularity of adults, but they are no longer children so they are not quite as soft and curvilinear.  Actually, teenagers are a lot of fun because they have aspects that to their growth that illustrators can big ears, feet, and hands on boys, and full hips and lips on girls.  This was my first attempt at drawing teenage characters so I'm not sure I pushed all of those areas enough, but I did get some drawings that are fun to look at:)

The first series of drawings were done from photoreference that the Academy provided me.  They do a great job with the costuming of people so we had a pouting girl, Little Red Riding Hood and a Harry Potty like character.  Here is how mine turned out!

The second set of characters we had to chose a manuscript that had teenage characters and then reimagine them.  I chose the Spiderwick Chronicles because I not only love the stories I love the art of Tony DeTerlizzi!  So here is Mallory and Jared Grace.  I used my twins to be the models and aged them appropriately to play an older teenage girl and a tweenage boy.  Let me know what you think!

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