Monday, October 21, 2013

Expressive Characters

The past two weeks I have been working on developing one of my character's further....a 4-yr old precocious little girl who I haven't named yet.  Since I am still developing her, I haven't found the right name yet, but I am open to any suggestions!  Just leave them for me in the comment section below this post:)

I spent one session working on developing her character and attitude through her body language and I spent the next session developing her through her facial expressions.  Since I want to use her in a children's picture book, the more expressive both the body and face are, the better!  The more gesture I can put in her body through the flow of her spine and the more action I can put in her posture the better she will read in a picture book.  Additionally, the more expression I can put in her face with eye and mouth placement and the more attitude I can give her with her head and neck positioning, the clearer her emotions will read on the page of a children's book.  So here is my work on her so far....let me know what you think!

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