Monday, November 23, 2015

Mastodons, Lava and Art!

Wow!  I can't believe what a wonderful weekend I had at the Rochester Science Museum's 45th Annual Holiday Bazaar! This has got to be the coolest art show I have ever been in!  My booth was in what I like to call, "the lava cave".  It is an exhibit at the museum that talks about the tectonic plates of the earth and how they form land formations that we see today.  I had lava flowing down one wall and an earthquake display on another.  And the right across from me was a Mastodon!  Check it out!

The people at the show were great and so many of them gave me wonderful complements on my work.  I exhibited "The Swing" book, art from that book, my Five Hungry Mice art and my new 4 Seasons of Dresses series.  The children that wandered into my booth were so full of light and Holiday cheer that is was contagious and it was so much fun watching them discover my book and leave through the pages.  One little girl who bought my book was so happy with her purchase she asked me if she could take a "selfie" with me:)  She was adorable!  Another little boy, Wyatt, came by my booth and talked me ear off about all the things he had discovered in the museum.  He was such a joy.  

Many grandparents were out too and they were looking for that special gift for their grandchildren.  I was so honored when they decided it would be my book.  I had the pleasure of signing books to all these little children.  I wrote each name on a piece of paper first to make sure I had the spelling right.  Afterwards I realized I had made Santa's List.  Look at all the children who are definitely on the "nice" list for Santa this year!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and offered me their support.  It was a really exciting time and a wonderful way to kick off the holiday season.  I can't wait to see you all again next year!

I wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday! Gobble,  gobble, gobble:)

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