Monday, June 9, 2014

Putting Myself Out There!

Well, I'm following up on my list that my professor had me make this past semester of things I can do to get my illustration career going!

This post is about my first official submission to a professional publisher!  During the semester I met a local publisher by the name of Buffalo Heritage Unlimited.  They have an imprint that publishes children's books called Paper Rock (Safety) Sissors…..don't you love that name! Well, I contacted them after my semester was over and discussed my work and my interest in being a children's book illustrator.  They reviewed my on-line portfolio with me while I was on the phone!  They were very complementary and said they would be interested in seeing more from me.  I told them about my book dummy and they seemed even more interested…'s getting exciting, isn't it!  So above you can see the promotional packet that I sent them for review.  It includes a cover letter, bio and resume, a tear sheet of illustration samples, my character development from my book dummy and the book dummy itself fully mocked up.  I created custom labels for the folder and for the envelop I sent everything in.  The whole project helped put me well on my way to developing my branding as an illustrator.  Before this semester I was nervous to do such a thing, but with encouragement from my professor I realize that I have to start somewhere and I have created enough work so far that I might as well jump in and start putting myself out there!

I'm on my way and excited to hear what they have to say:)  I'll update you when I hear back from them.   In the mean time I think I need to put together another promotional packet…..

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