Sunday, May 12, 2013

A National Geographic Illustration

So here is another illustration project to share.  We were given the challenge of developing an illustration for National Geographic on an historical subject.  I chose to do the oral tradition of the Native American Indians, specifically the Ogala Sioux of South Dakota.  My grandfather was a painter and a lover of the Native Americans and did many paintings of them.  I have 5 of them hanging in my house and was hoping to create a painting worthy of hanging next to my grandfather's.  :-)

So I did this illustration in my new technique which involves an underpainting in watercolor, then an oil wash in a mix of burnt umber, ultramatine blue and alizrin crimson over top.  I allow the wash to dry a little and then I pull back the oil wash to reveal the lights.  I go back in with more oil and then prisma color or india ink to add the details I want.  I thought I'd share the whole process with you via pictures since that is more interesting...

First the thumbnails.

Then a value study of the best thumbnail.

Then the line drawing, followed by the watercolor underpainting.

And then the final piece.  

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