Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Year Giving Update

Due to your generous support over the past year, we were about to provide 4,636 nutritious meals to children. One of these children is Flor in El Salvador. Her parents struggle to provide for their six children. Her father lost his crops of corn and beans twice due to drought. He dives for lobster and oysters to sell at the market. It's dangerous work and he is often unsuccessful. But he continues to work at providing for his family. And with our generosity we can make it a little easier by helping him to provide nutritious meals every day.


I thought you might like to see how your generosity has grown over the time that I have been using my books to support feeding hungry children....

Incredible!  Isn't it?  Maybe this year, with the launch of Cory and the Seventh Story and another book in the works due out in time for Christmas we can feed a village!  

Thank you again for your support and blessings to you for a prosperous new year! 

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