Friday, March 6, 2015

Doodles from a plane....

Sorry for the long delay in posting.  This winter has been rough and while I have been busy and productive, I have not had much time to post:-)  About two weeks ago I went to Las Vegas with a group of fashion students from the college where I teach to attend The MAGIC show.  It's the world's largest fashion show and it was incredible! Tons of inspiration in the fabrics, colors, trends, and displays.  The fashion girls were in heaven and loved every minute of it.  We were so busy, that despite me brining my sketch book, I never really got a chance to do any sketching till the plane ride home.  So here are a few doodles that reveal the success of our trip:-)

I called this one Teeanna's crown.  Teeanna is a student of mine who has the most beautiful hair and while we were at the show we counted that she averaged 12 compliments from strangers on her hair a day!  I just had to capture it while she was sitting in front of me.

Leaving Las Vegas on the plane, Lauren is fast asleep before we ever left the ground!  We kept those girls running the whole time we were there.  But the slight smile on her face while she was sleeping suggests to me that it was a good time:-)

Teeanna and Victoria, ever the conscious students, were working on their "homework" during the plan ride home.  I'm so proud of all the girls!  It was a very successful trip!

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