Thursday, January 24, 2013

Final Illustration for Fall 2012

Ok, our last illustration in my AAU class was an advertisement.  I chose to do mine with the product Lysol.  They provided a tag line of "they had made breakfast for their mother" and we had to interpret what an illustration for this product might look like.  Being a mom myself an image came immediately to mind of my three little monkeys covered in flour, in the middle of a messy kitchen, making something special for mom.  The image felt so homey in my head that I decided to give it a old time nostalgic feeling with a warm color pallet and and old time bottle of Lysol.  I used a combination of my own children and photo-reference from the internet for my models, and partial views of my kitchen as the environment.  The mom is from photo-reference and I liked her bob and hairband because it fit in with the nostalgia of my piece.  My professor this semester was the best and he provided me some great feedback along with my classmates.  Together they helped me improve this painting to what you see below.  I still can make a few tweaks based on my last critique, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet:)  I thought I would post the painting by itself and then the painting done up as the ad using illustrator to place text and product.  Enjoy!

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