Monday, February 20, 2012

Nasty Stew....

So this week we had to illustrate a poem by Lillian Moore.  Here is how the poem goes....

Listen! Listen to the witch.  Grinch, grinch, grunch, chip-chop-crunch, grickle, grackle, grooble, grooble, much, munch, munch.  Whatever in the world is she having for lunch?

My thought was that is sounded like squirrels or other animals eating in the forest, so I showed two squirrels watching the witch make her nasty stew.  The female squirrel is wondering what the witch is cooking, while the male squirrel is too busy eating his nuts to notice, or hear, anything:)  I used acrylic paint, prisma color pencil, prisma color marker and collage.  Hope you enjoy!

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